We Can Fix Your Smile With A Smile Makeover

SmileAre you looking for a way to fix your smile? If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth or gums, a smile makeover will make a monumental difference for the better. In particular, Invisalign®, veneers and teeth whitening dramatically improve the appearance of unsightly teeth and gums. Here is a close look at each of these smile makeover procedures, treatments and devices.

Teeth whitening will fix a smile

If someone's teeth have stains or are not the right color, there is no reason to worry, since we can help to reverse some of the stains. The best part is that the patient does not have to give up acidic foods or beverages like coffee, red wine and blueberries. All of these foods and beverages can cause significant stains with continued consumption over time.

Teeth whitening can brighten the smile with a beautiful white shine. Teeth whitening is a simple and direct procedure that produces fantastic results. We will be sure to use a prescription-strength teeth whitening agent to eliminate those ugly stains. In fact, professional teeth whitening at the dentist's office can lighten tooth enamel upwards of ten shades. We can also provide patients with teeth whitening trays and whitening gel for home-use.


Invisalign® straightens misaligned teeth without the use of conventional metal brackets and wires. This oral health solution makes use of comfortable translucent plastic aligners to position the teeth exactly where they should be. Such removable aligners are incredibly easy to clean. More importantly, these aligners do not cause oral pain or discomfort. We can ensure that the patient receives a custom-build Invisalign® aligner for the nuanced bite.

The patient replaces the Invisalign® aligners every couple of weeks to ensure the teeth move properly into alignment. Patients can remove these aligners at any point in time. In general, it is advisable to leave the aligners in place unless the patient is eating, drinking, cleaning teeth or play in sports. In fact, people can remove the aligners when taking photos or giving an important presentation at a meeting.

The patient will need to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day to keep on track for treatment. Invisalign® gradually moves those misaligned teeth into the proper spaces to fix a smile. Patients will look forward to smiling once the teeth are in perfect alignment.

Fix your smile with veneers

Veneers can fix your smile without draining your bank account or cause discomfort. This is an affordable oral health and beauty aid that can be applied in as little as two visits at the dentist's office. Porcelain veneers are handmade. Their incredibly thin shells are bonded to the front portion of the teeth in a permanent fashion. These front teeth are essential to a lovely smile as they are much more visible than other teeth when the lips part.

We can design porcelain veneer shells so their size, shape, color and position enhances the patient's overarching smile aesthetic. Porcelain veneers also tend to last longer than traditional dental bonding. Veneers conceal damage, stains and diminutive gaps between the teeth much longer than other approaches. This is the perfect way to fix a smile.

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