Do Veneers Strengthen Your Teeth?

Can Veneers Strengthen Your Teeth?

Veneers are constructed with porcelain or ceramic material; this often gives the look of a perfect and flawless smile.  An experienced cosmetic dentist will most likely place veneers on your teeth in two appointments.  The first appointment will consist of removing a small amount of enamel on your natural tooth, this way, the veneer can fit and look natural on your teeth.

If you happen to have enamel that is fragile, then veneers have been known to strengthen teeth.  Veneers offer an ability to protect your teeth from chips and damage.

Veneer placement will give a beautiful smile every day

Veneers are placed onto your actual tooth, which protects them from any possible damage in the future. Luckily, veneers last awhile.  Although they are costly, the investment is well worth it, especially if you want terrific looking teeth and a beautiful smile every day.

Not only do veneers provide whiter teeth, but they can also fix most cosmetic issues, and they aid in replacing enamel that may have been damaged before. They also provide you with an ability to use your teeth, offering you more strength.  Often, when your enamel on your teeth becomes weak, your teeth will chip easily and can become damaged.  Veneers provide you with the benefit of having stronger teeth.

Veneers assist with strengthening teeth

When you improve your teeth with veneers, you will be able to have a better smile. The porcelain or ceramic material that is used and placed onto your natural tooth is stable and strong.  You can rest assured that your teeth will have an extra layer of protection.

Veneers are costly, so before you take the leap and get veneers, you need to talk to your cosmetic dentist about all of the pros and cons and decide whether or not this procedure fits you.  

Porcelain is stronger material than ceramic.  Since you will be looking for the most durable material for the best and longest results, you will need to ask your cosmetic dentist to use porcelain instead.

Strengthening your teeth with veneers is essential if you want to improve your entire well-being.  Porcelain is water-resistant and allows you to eat what you want.  Although, keep in mind that you need to care for your veneers properly.  You will need to stay away from hard and chewy candy to keep your veneers strong and durable.

Boosting teeth enamel weakness

In the end, if your teeth enamel is weak—yes, veneers will help strengthen them. If you are dealing with teeth that are not strong, it is vital that you ask your cosmetic dentist about possible fixes; veneers may be your next best option.

Stop having to worry about whether or not your tooth will crack or chip when you are enjoying your food. Now is the time to improve your oral health. Not only will you end with a beautiful smile, but you will have a robust set of teeth that allows you to pick and choose what you want to eat without the worry.  

Contact our office today to see a qualified dentist so that you can gain teeth that are strong enough and ready to take a bite out of life—you deserve stronger, better-looking teeth today!

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