Is Trying to Save Tooth a Dental Emergency?

Emergency Dental Care Trophy Club, TX

Any oral problem that requires immediate dental treatment to save a tooth counts as a dental emergency. When such problems arise, a couple of hours can be the difference between being able to save a tooth and needing to have it extracted.

Figuring out if you have a dental emergency

A dental emergency is an oral issue that requires immediate treatment for several reasons. It can be to stop intense toothaches caused by a tooth, to reattach a tooth or to prevent an infection from spreading out to other areas.

Let us take a look at common dental issues that might require you to make an emergency trip to the dentist.

1. A knocked-out tooth

This is a dental issue where getting to a dentist as soon as the injury occurs makes a world of difference. A tooth getting knocked out is one of the most traumatic dental situations that a person can go through, but it can often be easily fixed if the person makes it to a clinic within a few hours. That is how long that the tissues in a tooth can survive outside of the mouth.

Dentists recommend rinsing a knocked-out tooth and storing it in warm milk or saliva. Then, head to the nearest clinic to get it reattached. If the patient misses the crucial window, the dentist will have to replace their missing teeth with an oral prosthetic.

2. An infected tooth

An infected tooth requires immediate dental treatment to prevent the infection from spreading and to bring an end to the excruciating pain often caused by the condition. Waiting to have an infected tooth treated is a huge risk because an infection spreading to vital parts of the body, like the lungs, heart or brain, can be deadly.

Dentists typically treat infected teeth by performing root canal treatments. The procedure involves removing the pulp, nerve and connective tissues in the pulp chamber, applying medication to the area and sealing it up with a special type of filling called gutta-percha. If the infection looks like it might spread to other areas of the body, the dentist might opt to extract it instead. It can then be replaced with artificial teeth like implants.

3. Severely broken teeth

A severely broken tooth also counts as a dental emergency. Severe damage to a tooth is usually accompanied by bleeding from inside the tooth and severe toothaches.

A tooth being severely damaged also leaves it vulnerable to infection because bacteria can reach the soft tissues in the pulp chamber. Dentists typically address broken teeth by performing root canals and covering them up with a crown or composite bonding.

We can take care of your dental emergency

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