Learn More About CEREC Dentistry

CEREC is an acronym that stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic.  This cutting-edge technology is as efficient as it gets. There is no need to rely on a dental laboratory to create dental restorations when the dentist has CEREC technology at his or her disposal.  In particular, CEREC is revered by dentists around the globe for creating affordable crowns and veneers.

CEREC's Proven History

Though CEREC did not spill into the mainstream until a couple years ago, this technology has been in use for more than three decades.  CEREC software has formed digital impressions of patients' teeth in numerous countries with great success. So do not be skeptical or fearful of this technology just because it represents a different approach to oral healthcare.  Ask anyone who has a CEREC crown or veneer in their mouth about its quality and you will find they are ecstatic with the results.

The CEREC Process

If the dentist determines a crown or veneer will prove helpful or necessary, the patient's mouth will be assessed to determine if CEREC is a viable option. CEREC is suitable for the vast majority of patients. The dentist performs an examination to create a three-dimensional impression of the tooth with a small camera. This process creates a “cast” of sorts for the tooth.  CEREC does not require a harsh molding gel in order to provide the optimal fit.

The tooth is then prepared for the new crown created with a machine known as a milling unit.  This high-tech machine forms the dental restoration out of a block of hard ceramic. The process takes a couple minutes to complete.  It does not get any more efficient than that! The dentist then applies a glaze to the new dental restoration, polishes it and places it in the mouth.  Once the CEREC dental restoration is in your mouth, the process is complete and you will have a reliable crown or veneer that proves quite durable. The entire visit to the dentist takes a mere two hours to complete.

CEREC is as Precise as It Gets

Dentists throughout the world agree that CEREC is a breakthrough technology worthy of praise as it forms and designs crowns with unparalleled precision. Dentists and other oral health experts are adamant that CEREC provides accuracy and fit that is within one-thousandth of a millimeter. This is the accuracy necessary to ensure the restoration is comfortable and effective across posterity.

CEREC Will Not Bust Your Budget

There is a common misconception CEREC is expensive simply because it is a high-tech means of creating dental restorations.  Dentists typically charge about the same amount of money for CEREC restorations as other restorations. Even if you pay more for CEREC restorations, this approach is well worth the money as it saves time.  Your CEREC restorations will be made and applied in one visit. As is often said, time is money. You can use this extra free time to hang out with your friends or family or return to work.

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