Oral Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Oral Cancer Screening Trophy Club, TX

Many Americans develop oral cancer annually. And many people die of the disease every year. If oral cancer is identified in its earliest stages, the rate of survival is much higher. With current treatment advances, survival rates have improved significantly. But many types of cancers can be prevented with healthy lifestyle choices. Continue reading to learn about how you can prevent oral cancer and some of the effective treatment options.

Oral cancer

Anything that increases an individual’s chance of developing a disease is referred to as a risk factor. People can avoid some of the risk factors of oral cancer, but others, like family history, cannot be avoided. Prevention of oral cancer to some extent involves avoiding the risk factors. But even though many risk factors can be avoided, it does not ensure that a person will not get cancer.


Tobacco use is a very common risk factor for oral cancer. Both smoking and smokeless tobacco can play a vital role in causing oral cancer. Smoking often leads to cancer in the mouth or throat. Oral tobacco products are associated with cancer in the cheeks, the upper surface of the lip as well as the gums. Excessive drinking also increases the risk for oral cancer.

In fact, many people diagnosed with the disease drink a lot of alcohol. Heavy drinkers who also use tobacco products have an even greater risk of getting the disease. People who drink excessively and/or use tobacco products can benefit from making some lifestyle changes. Steering clear of tobacco and drinking alcohol in moderation can significantly decrease the chances of developing oral cancer.

Visiting the dental office regularly is recommended. Dental providers are usually the first to notice the signs and symptoms of the disease. Routine dental exams may include an oral cancer screening. This can help a dental provider to identify any signs of oral cancer. If cancer is found early, there is a higher chance for a cure.


The ideal treatment option or combination of treatments will be determined based on a number of factors. These include the type of cancer, stage of the cancer, and test results. The goal of treatment may be to control the cancer, cure a patient, or help ease problems caused by the disease. Surgery is often ideal for the treatment of oral cancer that is caught early.

Other common treatment options include targeted therapy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy may be recommended for patients whose disease has spread. Chemotherapy is an effective treatment that involves the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. The medicine can be given to the patient either via an intravenous (IV) line or orally. A medical practitioner can either recommend it on its own or in combination with other treatment options.


There is no specific way to prevent all oral cancers. But you can control some risk factors, like smoking and drinking heavily, to help minimize your risk. It is also advisable to have oral cancer screening tests. To find out more about the various treatment options for oral cancer, talk to your dentist or doctor.

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