Reasons to Choose Trophy Smile Studio for the All-on-4 Tooth Replacement Procedure

The All-on-4 tooth replacement procedure allows patients to replace an entire row of teeth using only four dental implants. This procedure saves the patient time and money, and it is one of the most effective ways to replace missing teeth. Rather than receiving a dental implant for each individual tooth that is missing or extracted, All-on-4 uses four titanium screws to attach a prosthesis to the jawbone. This allows patients to replace the entire upper or lower row of teeth in one simple surgery.

Choosing Trophy Smile Studio for your procedure

If a patient is missing several of their teeth or the integrity of their teeth is severely compromised, they should consider an All-on-4 tooth replacement procedure. While this procedure is becoming increasingly popular, it is important to have it done at a dental office that will keep each patient's specific needs in mind.

Here are a few reasons why anyone considering this procedure should choose Trophy Smile Studio for their All-on-4 tooth replacement procedure

We are cost-effective

While other tooth replacement procedures require bone grafting, and they take place over multiple sessions, All-on-4 procedures can be done in our office in a single session for a fraction of the cost. If a patient is missing all or most of their teeth, it is far more cost-effective to replace an entire row at once instead of getting several costly dental implants. They will also save money because they will only need to visit our office one time for the entire procedure.

If a patient chooses an All-on-4 procedure at our office, we can help them get the implants they need at a cost they will love.

Our All-on-4 technique is efficient

As mentioned before, we are able to complete the All-on-4 tooth replacement procedure in a single session. This includes extracting any teeth if necessary, inserting the four implants into the jawbone and attaching the crowns.

If the patient has teeth that are missing or damaged to the point of replacement, they can trust our office to provide them with the All-on-4 solution they need in significantly less time than what is required for traditional implants.

We put the patient's needs first

As with any surgery, All-on-4 tooth replacement is a big decision. When a patient decides to work with our office, we will make sure that they feel comfortable every step of the way. We offer consultations that can help them learn more about this procedure and give them the opportunity to ask questions.

Once they are sure that All-on-4 is the right fit for their needs, we have a dedicated team of professionals from doctors to lab technicians that will make sure they leave their appointment with a beautiful set of teeth that function normally and look natural. Patients are our office can trust that their needs will be a priority and that they will be satisfied with the end result.

Next steps

If you have decided that All-on-4 tooth replacement will be the most effective method for your individual needs, you should contact our office today.

Request an appointment here: or call Trophy Smile Studio at (817) 210-4049 for an appointment in our Trophy Club office.

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