Three Signs You Need to Schedule an Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening Trophy Club, TX

You should get an oral cancer screening every time you see a dentist for a routine dental checkup. These routine screenings go a long way in the prevention and early detection of oral cancer. This does not mean, however, that you should ignore worrisome signs that crop up one month after your last checkup.

At the end of the day, you play an essential role when it comes to the early detection of oral cancer. Your role is to perform periodic self-exams and take note of any abnormalities in your mouth.

Oral cancer screening, early detection, and long-term outcomes

The outcome of a cancer diagnosis depends on the timeliness of detection and the nature of the cancer. This is why periodic checkups are so important. Early detection of an illness usually means less invasive treatments with cost savings in terms of time, money, and emotional energy.

Self-detection is the first line of defense against most illnesses since the body's owner is usually the first one to notice something is wrong. Towards this effort, here are some signs that point to a need for oral cancer screening:

1. Growths, lumps, patches, and sores

Ideally, the soft tissues of the oral cavity should be free of lumps, growths, and swelling. Such growths could happen due to injury, like in the case of a person who habitually bites their inner cheek. Here are a few more signs that point to a need for oral cancer screening:

  • Sores
  • Raised, rough patches that are white, red, or speckled
  • Erosion or raw skin on the surface of the mouth’s soft tissues

If the abnormality persists for more than a week or two, it is a good idea to get a screening. The cause of such symptoms could be as simple as an injury or a minor infection, but it is always a good idea to rule out oral cancer.

2. Pain, tenderness, or unexplained bleeding

The body’s go-to method of asking for help is pain because discomfort is hard to ignore. Anyone who experiences oral pain and discomfort for extended periods should seek medical help. An oral cancer screening is an excellent place to start.

3. Swallowing difficulties and discomfort in the throat

Anyone who has a hard time with speech or chewing should seek the help of a dentist or physician. It is abnormal to have a limited range of motion in the jaw or tongue. Usually, these difficulties come with pain and stiffness.

Then there is the person who feels like they have something stuck at the back of the throat. The discomfort is a wake-up call that the person should seek immediate medical attention. The same goes for an inexplicable sore throat and changes in the voice.

Get life-saving oral cancer screening whenever you need it

We offer all-around oral healthcare that covers both preventative and restorative dentistry. Part of our preventative care services is routine dental monitoring and oral cancer screening. Get in touch by phone or visit our Trophy Club clinic to set up an appointment so we can keep tabs on the health of your mouth.

Request an appointment here: or call Trophy Smile Studio at (817) 210-4049 for an appointment in our Trophy Club office.

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