Treatments Commonly Performed in Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to restore teeth that have been damaged by a range of dental issues. This helps to restore the patient's self-esteem and improve the person's overall health. Who wants to always worry about what others will think of them whenever they take a picture?

Pretty much any dental issue one can think of can now be fixed by a cosmetic dentist. Here are some of the most common treatments performed by these professionals.

Common cosmetic dentistry procedures

1. Composite bonding

These are one of the cheapest treatments performed by cosmetic dentists. A unique composite resin that is the same color as the patient's natural teeth is used to deal with issues like stains, discoloration, and minor chips and cracks.

During the procedure, the dentist will prepare the tooth for the implant by roughening it. This makes it easier for the composite to stick to it. The resin is then applied directly to the tooth. It is shaped as desired and hardened with ultraviolet light. Composite bonds do not cause any damage to the existing tooth.

2. Teeth whitening

This is one of the most commonly performed procedures performed in cosmetic dentistry. Dentists have access to potent whitening agents that make teeth ten shades whiter after a single session. Some of these products are activated using special ultraviolet lights. Follow up treatments are often recommended to help patients retain the improved appearance of their smiles.

3. Veneers

A veneer is a thin, shell-like device that is used to cover the front of a tooth. Its job is to serve as a mask that hides any flaws on the tooth behind it. Veneers are typically made from ceramics or porcelain, and they look just like natural teeth. These two materials are also known for their stain-resistant properties, so it is easier to have a pearly white smile when the front of the teeth are covered with veneers.

During its installation, the dentist will remove a portion of the tooth in question's enamel to make room for the prosthetic. This makes it look more natural when it is inserted since the patient's teeth do not appear bulky.

4. Crowns

Dental crowns can be used to address badly-stained, discolored, damaged, or infected teeth. Also called caps, crowns are protective covers that help to restore the function and appearance of a tooth. These prosthetics are sometimes used in combination with other dental devices like implants and bridges.

During the installation, a small portion of the tooth might be removed to make way for the crown. Crowns are commonly made out of ceramics, porcelain or metals like gold and silver.

5. Implants

Implants are used to replace missing teeth. These devices replace the missing tooth as well as its roots. The implant is a metal screw – often made from titanium – that is inserted into the patient's jawbone. It is then given time to fuse with the bone tissue holding it in place before a crown is placed on it.

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