What to Know About Common Dental Checkup Procedures

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Dental checkups have standard procedures. Dentists depend on the results they get to create a proper treatment plan for their patients. It is often daunting for many patients to go through these procedures. To make them more comfortable, they should know what happens beforehand. Here are the basic procedures in regular dental checkups.

Medical history taking

This is the initial and most crucial procedure during a dental checkup. Here, the dentist asks probing questions that aim to see into the patient’s health. Questions are usually about medications, past surgeries, supplements, habits, and allergies. Telling the dentist everything will help make the treatment plan effective.

Dental cleaning

Patients usually brush and floss before the dental checkup. In the clinic, teeth cleaning happens again. This time, there are special instruments, tools, and treatments. The dentist targets and removes tartar and plaque that build up on teeth. Scalers help dentists make this possible.

Teeth polishing

The dentist polishes teeth afterward. This helps remove leftover stains and plaque on the surface of teeth. Using a small, rotating brush, the dentist polishes the patient’s teeth. The cleaning compound is a mixture of fluoride and an abrasive substance. The treatment leaves teeth smoother. This makes it difficult for food particles and bacteria to stick on them.

Dental health education

As dentists go about their work, they provide patients valuable tips. Doing so helps patients perform personal dental care routines the right way. Gentle brushing and flossing remove plaque and food particles without damaging teeth. Using antibacterial mouthwash can flush out the unwanted particulates.

Dental X-rays

If the dentist needs to confirm a dental infection through dental X-rays. Dental history and oral exams help the dentist decide on whether X-rays should take place. This diagnostic exam is important in determining the extent of periodontitis. It is also helpful in finalizing the number of teeth for tooth extraction.

Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer is a serious, life-threatening disease. Screening for it during dental checkups is important. It can help in the early detection and treatment of oral cancer. Dentists aim to treat this ailment immediately to increase a positive prognosis. Examining the soft tissues in the mouth and the jaw area for signs of oral cancer is a good start.

Treatment planning

After the dental assessment, dentists start to create a treatment plan. Discussion of the plan is crucial to confirm the necessary steps to correct any dental issue. If the patient’s oral condition needs treatment from a different dental professional, then the dentist can make a referral. The patient needs to return several times to complete an elaborate restoration work.

Your dental checkup procedures must be accurate

A dental checkup is vital in spotting any brewing dental issue. Once your dentist completes your medical history, the necessary screening will take place. Talking about your treatment plan follows. Dental healthcare education during a dental checkup also helps prevent various dental issues.

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