What You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are some of the most misunderstood teeth, although probably the most well known by name. Unless someone has been ignoring any pain or discomfort, typically wisdom teeth are something you do not need to worry about. However, for some individuals, the wisdom teeth will need to be removed or they could cause some issues down the road with a person’s other teeth.

What are wisdom teeth?

The first thing we are going to explore in this article is what exactly “wisdom teeth” are. The wisdom teeth, with their medical name being the “third molars,” are in the very back of the mouth. They do not typically begin emerging until someone is in their 20s.

For some people, their wisdom teeth come in with no issues, and a person may feel them one day poking through the gums in the very back of their mouth. However, if a person’s mouth does not have room for more teeth, then they will have to be removed before they begin emerging.

What causes the wisdom teeth to need to be removed?

For some patients, the wisdom teeth may emerge just fine. For others, they may only partially come in or be positioned incorrectly. Wisdom teeth that attempt to appear and do not come in positioned correctly are “impacted” and will need to be removed.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a very, very common procedure. If a person is diligent in visiting the dentist, the removal will typically be completed before they have even begun to emerge. By giving the dentist the chance to do x-rays, they will be able to tell if a person can have their wisdom teeth come in naturally or if they need to be removed before causing any shifting or issues with the other teeth in the mouth.

Why do people even have wisdom teeth?

That is one of the most common questions we hear in our office. Scientists are still attempting to answer that question specifically! However, we do know that in some parts of the world, no one has wisdom teeth. Moreover, in other regions, everyone does! However, for those people that do have wisdom teeth, it is essential to be proactive in treating them, either leaving them to come in naturally or having them extracted.

For people who are diligent in visiting the dentist two times per year, this will be a smooth transition if they get to keep them or need them extracted. By having a dentist who can look at a person’s mouth and teeth over time and know if there is the proper amount of room, that will be the determining factor.

Do you have more questions about wisdom teeth and if you can keep them or may need to have them extracted? We can help you in making the best choice for your teeth and overall oral health. Give us a call today!

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