When CEREC Crowns are a Good Dental Restoration Option

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CEREC® crowns are a much quicker and more straightforward option than traditional crowns. If you require a crown, this dental technology can help you get one more conveniently than ever. In this guide, we will compare the two options to see which one you would prefer.

Regular crowns vs. CEREC crowns

CEREC crowns are used to cap teeth. They are frequently used after surgeries like root canals to protect the insides of teeth from further tooth decay. Crowns are also restorative options for cracked oddly shaped, and even discolored teeth. 

Traditionally crowns can be made from a variety of materials and involve a long, time-consuming process. Some materials, such as gold and metal alloys, do not look natural. Composite and porcelain crowns look more realistic, but composite ones are liable to stain, and porcelain ones are more brittle and can break.

Traditional crowns also require many dental appointments. First, X-rays are taken during an initial visit. After that, an appointment is necessary to numb your mouth and take an impression of your tooth. A crown is then made from this impression, but it can take up to two weeks. Therefore, a temporary crown is worn in the meantime. However, the temporary crown can fall off much more quickly. This can lead to further complications like tooth decay, as well as embarrassment and pain. It takes one last appointment to replace the temporary crown with the permanent one finally.

CEREC crowns simplify the whole process. A special dental device makes crowns quickly and directly in dental offices rather than in outsourced dental labs. It creates a digital map of your mouth then mills a crown out of ceramic. Ceramic is a good material for crowns because it looks so lifelike. They are less durable than metal crowns, but they are still quite durable, and for most people, the trade-off is worth it.

They also can be made in only one visit after preliminary X-rays are taken. First, a specialized camera is used to map your mouth, then CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) technology is used to create a realistic 3D model. Finally, a crown is milled from a small ceramic block using your custom specifications. Some quick modifications may be performed on the newly created crown, but it is attached to your tooth shortly after. The whole process takes a couple of hours rather than weeks and avoids using flimsy temporary crowns.

More advantages

They are also usually cheaper than traditional crowns, as you don’t pay for an additional appointment or the temporary crown. The whole process is more comfortable and less prone to complications, which occurs when temporary crowns fall out. The lack of metal makes this crown more accessible, as some people have allergies to certain metals. All in all, it increases your quality of life. You don’t have to take as much time off work, and you can immediately engage in regular eating habits without worrying about something going wrong.

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