Teeth in a Day: Alternative Same-Day Dentistry

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As modern dentistry continues to improve, more people are considering teeth in a day, which is an innovative method of tooth replacement (also referred to as same-day dentistry). Teeth in a day help busy people get their dental needs taken care of the same day that they discover a need for replacement. 

So, what exactly does “teeth in a day” mean? In this article, we go over what they are, how they work and what they can do for the busy person. Alternative same-day dentistry is changing the way dentistry is offered. Find out more by reading further.

Teeth in a day: Alternative same-day dentistry

Going to the dentist multiple times for multiple reasons can get in the way of a person leading a busy life. But with the teeth in a day approach, same-day dentistry is becoming an option.

What exactly are teeth in a day?

Teeth in a day are done through the use of same-day dentistry, which many dental practices and oral surgeons are starting to explore. The teeth in a day approach offers someone tooth replacement in one day through the use of dental implants and temporary dental crowns. Unlike traditional dental implant placement, the teeth in a day approach provides someone with immediate tooth coverage.

How does it work?

Traditional dental implant placement requires a significant amount of time. During this process, the dental implants must integrate with a person’s jawbone before any artificial teeth can be placed, such as crowns or dentures.

But with the teeth in a day approach, same-day dentistry comes into play. Temporary dental crowns are affixed to the dental implants, which allow for a more natural look. The dental implants will still have to integrate for a few months so they are secure, but the artificial teeth (dental crowns) will provide the patient with a natural look so they do not have to walk around with missing teeth.

After the implants are placed, the ceramic temporary dental crown will be placed atop the implant. After a few months of integration, the temporary crowns will be removed and permanent ones will be placed.

Things to note

As innovative as same-day dentistry is, it is important to understand that not everyone is a candidate for the teeth in a day procedure. It will depend heavily on whether there is enough bone density present within the mouth. The bone density must be strong enough to support both the implant and the temporary crown.

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