Temporary Teeth in a Day While You Heal After Dental Implant Surgery

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Teeth in a day is an innovative technique in implant dentistry. It allows patients to have temporary teeth after getting titanium rods. The patient can have teeth in a day on the new implants on the same day. This helps the implants heal and osseointegrate. If you want to get teeth in a day while healing from your dental implant surgery, here are the facts.

First stage

The dentist will take a 3D image of the patient’s mouth. This will allow dentists to know the patient’s mouth before the actual surgery. The dentist will also take bite registration and impressions of the patient’s mouth. This enables the dental technician to create the patient’s replacement teeth before the dental implant surgery.

Second stage

During this stage, the dentist implants the titanium rods into the patient’s jaw. After this, the temporary, prefabricated teeth in a day attach on top of the implant sites. The patient can then go back home with their temporary implant-supported dentition. Teeth in a day will help the patient adapt to having artificial teeth.


The last stage involves the evaluation of the comfort and fit of the new teeth in a day. Here, the dentist will find out if the patient needs a replacement bridge. Seeing the patient also allows the dentist to suggest proper oral cleaning techniques. The patient will learn the proper maintenance of the new implants.

Healing with teeth in a day

A dental implant procedure can be either one-step or multistep. For busy people, the one-step kind is ideal. After inserting the rods, the dentist will cover the rods with gum tissue. This will then start to heal. The patient needs to let this area heal first before having the next part of the surgery.

Teeth in a day are temporary acrylic teeth that go on top of the rods. These teeth allow the gum tissue to heal and the implants to osseointegrate into the patient’s gums and jaw. Teeth in a day also serve as temporary, visible dentition. This set of acrylic dentition allows the patient to avoid the embarrassment of not having teeth while the implants heal. Teeth in a day help the patient eat, speak, and smile with ease.

While healing, there will be bruising on the patient’s skin and gums. There will also be minor bleeding and pain in the implant sites. Teeth in a day will help the patient resume work and other routine activities. The patient can manage the discomfort and pain with pain relievers and antibiotics.

The patient should be on a soft diet as well. Teeth in a day will perform better if there is no heavy chewing during eating. Cleaning the oral area after every meal will ensure that there is no contamination in the implant sites. The patient’s teeth in a day will help protect the top part of the implant sites. These temporary teeth also keep the stitches intact.

Getting teeth in a day aids in your complete implant healing

Dental implants or implant-supported dentures need dental implant surgery. If the extraction of the entire arch of teeth must take place, you need temporary teeth in a day. These acrylic teeth will hide your bare, swollen gums. It may seem intimidating to get surgery for your teeth restoration. Yet, having teeth in a day makes it look easy. Setting up an appointment with your dentist can help you know more about getting teeth in a day after you get your implants.

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